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About Us

Our Mission 

Virginia21 empowers college students and young Virginians to be engaged citizens and advocates for issues important to them and Virginia’s future.

Our Vision

VA21 envisions a well-educated, prosperous, and civically-engaged Virginia.

Our Story

It started 19 years ago in a small coffee shop.

Policy decisions were being made every day in Richmond that directly impacted the lives of Virginia college students. A group of determined William & Mary students sat down together to answer a simple question: why didn't students have a voice in that process? The answer was simple, too. No coalition existed to claim their seat at the table. With that, Virginia21 was born. 

Over the years our organization has evolved, but the spirit of our mission has largely remained the same: to amplify the collective voice of young Virginians (18-35). Since our founding at the beginning of the 21st Century, our work has targeted many challenges that young people are facing: college affordability, campus safety, civic engagement, and leadership development. Our work relies on collaboration between Student Leaders, policy experts, government officials, and community advocates who represent all sides of the political spectrum. 

Virginia21 is a statewide, non-partisan organization that brings young Virginians together to tackle the challenges of today — and tomorrow. In every corner of the Commonwealth there are young people with the spark to lead in their communities who are looking for the right resources to enact change. We find these leaders and work alongside them to empower their advocacy by building relationships and honing leadership skills that bridge regional and political differences. 

We are committed to elevating our young, collective voice to drive the policies that will make Virginia the best place to live, work, and pursue an education. Within each of us is a unique power ready to be cultivated. Together, we will ensure that the collective voice of our young people is heard in our local communities, campuses, the state Capitol, and beyond.


1108 East Main Street, Richmond Virginia

(804) 513-VA21 info@virginia21.org

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