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Our Policy priorities

Virginia21 champions policies that positively impact young people and further advance the benefits of living and working in Virginia. Together we fight for policies that accomplish those goals and work more broadly to enrich the lives of those who will call Virginia home.

Virginia21 strives to increase higher education attainment while closing long-existing equity gaps so that a quality education is attainable for all Virginians. We must invest in making our higher education system more accessible, affordable, and equitable, particularly for low-income and historically underserved students. Learn more.

Virginia's economic vitality helps make it a great place to work and build a life, but prosperity is more readily within reach for some than others. We must work to close equity gaps to make certain that rural Virginians, Virginians of color, and low-income Virginians have the support and resources to live healthy, prosperous lives. Learn more.

Young people have historically been criticized as apathetic despite composing over 30% of the voting block. Here in Virginia, they actually made up the second largest percentage of voters in the 2020 General Election. Virginia21 aims to ensure our government is approachable so that civic engagement continues beyond a vote. Learn more.

The student experience is so much more than simply pursuing a degree. From housing and food security to campus culture and extracurricular activities, the livelihood of each student is impacted by their environment and personal circumstances. Virginia21 prioritizes solutions that empower every student's unique journey. Learn more.


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