Elections are only the start...

Virginia21's approach to civic engagement is comprehensive. While it is crucial for young people to vote in elections, we know that work is needed year round to bring about common sense solutions on our issues. Our proven strategy combines education, leadership development, and direct advocacy.    

Learn More about State Politics.

State politics and law-making appears overly complicated on the surface, but understanding how to navigate our system is surprisingly easy. As professionals and lobbyist, our staff works to regularly produce content that helps everyday people understand how they can make an impact in Virginia Politics.


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Understand the issues.

We help promote policies to address a wide range of issues that affect the everyday lives of young Virginians. In addition to advocacy, we produce easily understandable breakdowns of the issues and in a way that describes the urgent need for better, common sense policy.


Stay informed about important legislation.

More than 3,000 bills are introduced during Virginia's General Assembly session. We monitor the legislation that most impacts young people so you don't have to.  

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