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Through good policy, Virginia21 strives to enable young Virginians to build strong relationships with their elected representatives ensuring the continuous growth of the Commonwealth.

Easy voting, readily available information, and a strong connection to your elected officials all contribute to ensuring young people have access to their government. Good governance is the foundation of all successful policy-making and ensures a clear path to legislative outcomes. It allows Virginians to advocate for things important to them, no matter their expertise or their background.

Voting in Virginia

Voter participation is essential to a strong democracy, and voting in local, state, and national elections is the most important civic responsibility we share.

Recent Accomplishments:
  • Effective October 2022, voter preregistration will be an option for any person who is at least 16 and qualified to vote but will not be 18 on or before the next election. This method of preregistration serves to automatically register the voter as soon as they turn 18 for participation in following elections.
  • In 2024 onward, political parties must select a candidate nomination method that does not effectively exclude participation in the process by groups of voters who are not able to be physically present, including students attending an institution of higher education.

Government Accessibility

Changing technology has ushered in a new wave of increased accessibility that allows more people to participate from anywhere, but our government systems often lag far behind the times. Upcoming generations need updated, modern resources to ensure that our government is approachable and responsive to the needs of young Virginians.


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