5 Reasons You should Take This Millennial Engagement Survey (Win $50)

Calling All Millennials - Tell Us What You Think!

Virginia21’s annual Millennial Voter Engagement survey is out and ready to help us empower you! We want to understand how higher education policy directly impacts you as a college student or young professional. We are always working to accurately and effectively represent young people’s interests. That is the responsibility that we take on, being the voice of a generation, and we need to hear from you!

Enlighten us on topics such as tuition costs, student loans, and campus safety. Here are five reasons why you should take this survey, with the fifth being a little incentive for you!

1. Make your voice heard outside of the voting booth.


Not all of us have time to be activists over the issues that we care about (other than maybe arguing via facebook comments), but if you’re tired of only having a voice in politics during election season, this survey is for you! Virginia21 will use your responses to get a feel for the issues that impact our generation, so that we can work in your interest in the General Assembly.


2. The millennial voice is amplified by our power in numbers.

Millennials are now the largest voting age demographic, making up 30% of eligible voters! The youth vote was a decisive factor in the recent state elections, and our political power as a generation is still growing. The millennial voice is louder than ever, and taking this survey helps us use this power to influence policy.


3. This is an opportunity for us to address the issues that impact your day-to-day life.

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The policy questions we ask aren’t part of the daily outrage machine, but questions regarding your immediate and practical interests. This is a chance to put partisan politics aside and discuss the impact that specific, higher-education issues have on your life.



4. It helps us effectively represent the most brilliant generation of all time! (We may be a little biased on this one).

Filling out the survey will only takes about three minutes, but by telling us what you care about we can better represent you to your lawmakers. Representing you accurately and effectively is our goal. So take this survey and you'll help us be best advocates possible.




Now that we have your attention, completing our survey automatically enters you into a raffle for an $50 Amazon Gift Card. Two of you lucky millennials will be able to treat yourselves on our dime, just for sharing your concerns!