3 Reasons to Make Your Voting Plan Right now


Every gubernatorial election is important, but Virginia’s upcoming election on November 7th isn’t just vital to our future, it’s also really, really, close. Although many Virginians know that stakes are high this November, not everybody recognizes the importance of making a plan to vote. It may seem like a unnecessary amount of effort, but studies have shown that planning your vote can be the difference between saying you will vote, and actually doing it. Here are a few reasons why making a plan is worth it:

1. Making a plan to vote helps you make more informed decisions.

make good choices.gif

If you’re on the fence, making a plan for election day can also help you work out who to cast your ballot for. Although elections are often hard to ignore, it’s easy to put off making a decision until the last minute. Deciding who to vote for while in the booth may work for some people, but making a plan to vote can help bring the election back to the forefront of your mind and help you to decide which candidate is the best choice for you.

2. It can increase your likelihood of actually voting by about 4%.


Sometimes voting is viewed the same as going to the gym or keeping up with reading for every class—we know we should do it, but it just never really works out. Sometimes life happens and you get busy or even forget all together. However, making a plan of when, where, and how you’re going to make your way to the booth will help integrate voting into your day and make it easier for you to do your part.

3. Making a plan to vote can even help your friends do the same.


People are more likely to do something if they see others doing it. Making a plan to go vote with a friend can help keep them accountable and can help you to ensure that they have reliable transportation to their polling place. Studies have also shown that when a person is threatened with personal accountability, they’re more likely to vote.

Making a voting plan only takes a few minutes but can make all the difference on election day. Luckily, Virginia21 has a voting tool that will make planning to vote even easier! Click the button below to ensure that your voice is heard on November 7th.