Meet (The New) Emily! VA21'S Summer Development Intern.

Emily Williams is the newest Virginia21 intern! She is currently working on her Masters of Public Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University, and she thinks Michael Scott would make a great Mayor of Richmond (sorry, Stoney).

Why did you want to work for Virginia21?

The 18-35 demographic is the most important voting bloc during election season. Mobilizing and informing this group should be a priority for every organization/person remotely connected to politics. As someone who wants to get into politics, working with VA21 is the perfect fit.

What is the proper way to pronounce “Gif”? With a “J” sound or a “G” sound? Why?

With a “g” sound - it’s not the peanut butter.

If you could choose one fictional character to be mayor of Richmond, who would it be and why?

Michael Scott - I think the government could benefit from his sense of humor.

michael scott.gif

What is one course that doesn’t exist that every person should be required to take?

How to spot fake news / think critically.

Describe the cutest thing your dog, bugsy, has ever done. 

As a one-year-old pup, Bugsy is rowdy and likes to jump on people (which I’m trying to fix) and generally be annoying, especially when meeting new people. The other day, though, we were walking and there was a two-year-old child out with his family. Bugsy immediately ran up to the kid and was the most gentle creature on earth. He stayed completely still and let the kid mess with him - no jumping, no licking, or anything. It was so cute.

Last question, why is it important for young people to be engaged in state politics?

State politics is the easiest way for young people to be heard and make difference. Your representatives are your neighbors, you go to school with their kids - they know who you are and your voice will be heard (it’s hard for them to ignore you if they have to see you everyday). It’s so easy to be engaged too, volunteer for a campaign, lobby, or even just call up your local representative.