8 Reasons Why Voting Makes You Cool

As you already know, because you are totally cool and current, the gubernatorial election is this Tuesday, November 7th! Hopefully you have already made your plan to vote and know where you will be headed to make your mark on the future of our state. And if you haven't, do it here... we'll wait.

Election day is tomorrow. Virginia21 has your back. Here are our 8 reasons why voting makes you cool. 

1. You are letting our representatives know what issues are important to you, and that is cool! 

Cool Leslie Knope.gif

2. Voting gives you the right to complain, with integrity! 


3. You can hold a sense of superiority over your friends who didn't vote!

fresher than you.gif

4. Finally! A purpose for our perfected scantron skills. 


5. Sporting an "I Voted" sticker is hot, lets be real. 

vote sticker.gif

6. Not voting may give others the power to choose for you...

You dont know me.gif

7. Do you have an issue that you care about? Voting puts your concerns directly in front of elected officials that can address them and enact change! 


8. Voting is a right that many people across the globe do not have. Be cool, take advantage of our democracy. 


Lets be COOL on election day, and get out and vote for Virginia's next Governor! Don't know where you precinct is located? Let us help! Click the button below and enter your address to plan your vote.