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About Us

Virginia21 empowers college students and young Virginians to be engaged citizens and advocates for issues important to them and Virginia’s future. Founded and led by young people, VA21 envisions a well-educated, prosperous, and civically-engaged Virginia. 

Virginia21’s premier student leadership development program attracts community-minded young people who are ready to begin the rewarding process of defining their identities as leaders. Virginia21 provides quality programming featuring elected officials, business leaders, citizen advocates, as well as access to one of Virginia’s largest nonpartisan political networks.

Virginia21 Action, Virginia21’s 501(c)4 affiliate, advocates on behalf of young people around the state to our lawmakers in Richmond. Virginia21 Action advocates for accessible and equitable higher education that leads to a good job, economic prosperity, and a full life here in the Commonwealth. Virginia21 Action also advocates for policies that increase civic engagement and participation, as well as good governance.

Our work ensures that the collective voice of our young people is heard in our local communities, campuses, the state capitol, and beyond. Click here to view our FY20-25 strategic plan.


1108 East Main Street, Richmond Virginia

(804) 513-VA21 info@virginia21.org

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