We are The Generational Advocate for Young Voters

As the largest, most educated, and most diverse generation in the history of the United States, young people are uniquely qualified to create a bright future, but that will only happen if we are engaged in the political landscape right now. Virginia21's mission is to equip a generation of leaders with the knowledge and skills to make change happen today. We are a non-partisan organization because the big issues impacting our future should transcend party affiliation. We believe that politics should not divide us, but be viewed as an opportunity to make sure our best days are ahead. Our work ensures that the collective voice of our generation is heard in our local communities, campuses, the state capitol, and beyond. 

Our Leadership

The 2016-17 Student Leadership Chair Danni Campbell.

The 2016-17 Student Leadership Chair Danni Campbell.

Virginia21 is guided, first and foremost, by young people. We maintain a steering committee lead by student representatives from colleges and universities across the state. Our Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) is made up of a diverse group of 21-35 year-olds who provide guidance and feedback on organizational programming and direction. We also have a Board of Directors consisting of prominent business and community leaders that provide organizational governance, financial support, and strategic planning. Virginia21’s full-time professional staff maintains the day-to-day fundraising, program development, leadership training, and communications operations of the organization.

Mission Statement

Virginia21 empowers college students and young Virginians to be engaged citizens and advocates for issues important to them and Virginia’s future.

Vision Statement

Virginia21 envisions a well-educated, prosperous, and civically-engaged Virginia.

Statement of Organization

Virginia21 is a 501(c)3 organization that has engaged over 100,000 young people in the political process by providing information, directing advocacy and coordinating political action on a non-partisan platform that includes higher education, student health and safety, and economic development.

Our mission is to equip young people with the skills and tools to take on today's biggest challenges, and create opportunities for our generation to make a difference in our communities and beyond. Virginia21 teaches that leadership cannot wait; we need this next generation now more than ever.